An introduction to

February 28, 2024
An introduction to

As you may have heard, we’ve got something exciting launching very soon –, your intuitive platform for cyber security management.

A platform, developed and created by us, that aims to deliver a unified view of your attack surface, combining ongoing automated vulnerability scans, penetration testing results and cyber compliance certifications all in one place.

We had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Alice Valverde, our Head of Product and Marketing, who has been instrumental in guiding the development process from inception to the final stages of testing for As we near the completion of our testing phase and prepare for launch, we're excited to share the journey of the platform's development with you, along with insights from Alice about the entire process.

Can you give us an overview of the key features and capabilities of What sets it apart from existing solutions in the market? offers a range of features crafted to streamline cyber security management. The platform is broken down into different apps, each equipped with a user-friendly dashboard, providing anyone working in the field of cyber security with a clear overview of their projects.

Current apps available are:

  • Penetration testing - supporting all your penetration testing requirements and offering real time updates and free retests.
  • CybaAssess - quick guides and support to ensure your Cyber Essentials Certification is seamless.
  • CybaPlus - guides and support in demonstrating the required evidence to meet the requirements of Cyber Essentials Plus.
  • External Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning - weekly scans on your infrastructure with all results pulled back into an easy to interpret dashboard.
  • Web Application Vulnerability Scanning - scanning of your web applications with all results pulled back into a simple view for easy action.
  • Cyber Security Assessment - get a snapshot view of your cyber security posture with our assessment which aligns with the NCSC top 10. You can even get your assessment audited and receive feedback on your policies and procedures from cyber security experts.

Helping MSPs

We work closely with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and a key focus for us was to ensure the continued collaboration with them to provide their clients with the best possible service. The platform has a dedicated partner portal which allows our partners to efficiently support and manage their client’s cyber security projects. To our knowledge, no other application in the UK market currently provides this service.

Partners and clients can view, receive instant updates, and access recommended security best practices every day. With no platform or subscription fees, the added value you receive by purchasing standard products from Cybaverse compared to others in the market is second to none.  

What’s included?  

While we continuously enhance and expand, one notable aspect is our penetration testing app, accessible upon purchasing penetration testing through Cybaverse or one of our partners.The penetration testing app allows for real time updates on testing and vulnerability analysis through our penetration testing dashboard. From here, clients can access remediation advice from our testers, action any findings presented and update their portal in real time. We can also include retesting, which means once clients have fixed any remediations, we can check to confirm that the any vulnerabilities marked as fixed have been resolved and we can then provide a new report with a clean bill of health. All in one simple user interface.  

Alongside this, clients will have the ability to access support for Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications through our CybaAssess and CybaPlus apps. These apps look to support users with their certifications with video guides and online support from our assessors, becoming certified in either of these accreditations has never been easier.

Our goal is to educate our network and engage with them to ensure that they feel supported and confident to engage with cyber security projects. Cyber-attacks are one of the biggest risks organisations face, and we want to help mitigate that risk.

So, how do you simplify the technicalities of cyber security to ensure that it is accessible to all?  

Cyber security is often branded as an IT cost or responsibility. When in reality, cyber security is actually the responsibility of multiple departments across the business and the employees within them.  

The management of cyber security could involve various departments: the compliance department handling key accreditations like Cyber Essentials, the bids department ensuring access to the latest penetration testing reports for formal bids, or even the HR department overseeing cyber security onboarding training for all staff.

Bringing all this information together into one single-pane-of-glass view, gives an accurate view of an organisation’s cyber security posture, and ensures a collaborative approach.

CTOs and CISOs can use the technical information in the vulnerability scanners and results on penetration tests in context with the rest of the organisation.

As the product lead, what were the main challenges you found that yourself and the team faced during the development process, and how were they overcome to ensure you deliver a successful product?  

We wanted to provide a product of value to businesses of all sizes, this itself posed a challenge. Many organisations choose to outsource their IT, and we often work closely with IT MSPs.  

We wanted to add value to both our direct clients, and the smaller ones working with IT partners. Our single portal ensures that all parties are informed and can collaborate on cyber security projects seamlessly.  

We also have different services and pricing packages that support most cyber security roadmaps. Putting together our cyber security packages was challenging but after undertaking market research we now have a comprehensive view and understanding of the key milestones required to protect business at key stages of their journey. With one simple monthly payment, they can ensure that their projects are booked in and managed, allowing them to shift their focus to other aspects of their business.

We all know that cyber threats are constantly evolving at a rate faster than ever before. How does help users to stay ahead of emerging threats, and what strategies were employed to future-proof its effectiveness?  

We've established a comprehensive development roadmap that includes the integration of additional cyber security measures, ensuring alignment with the constantly evolving cyber security landscape. The key change we want to deliver with is the change in attitude toward cyber security, making it more of a shared approach and ensuring that everyone in an organisation has a better understanding of what they can do to protect both themselves and the organisation they work for.  

Collaboration is essential when it comes to addressing cyber security challenges. How does the platform facilitate teamwork and information sharing among security professionals within an organisation?  

Whether you’re an IT Partner or an internal cyber security professional you can invite colleagues and collaborate on cyber security projects. One of the items listed in our development roadmap is a task manager that allows managers to allocate tasks to team members to ensure that any vulnerabilities highlighted can be remediated swiftly.

The development and functionality of are sounding exciting and as we look ahead to the launch, we are sure you’re already thinking – what next? What are the future plans for and are there any upcoming features or enhancements that users can anticipate?  

Long term we’re looking to integrate several different services, such as cloud security reviews and policy/document storage. However, we’re also looking to add several unique features such as an interactive risk score and to integrate the connection of SIEM software to continue to enhance the platform.

What next?  

As we anticipate the launch of, we want to invite you to join us on the exciting journey towards a more secure digital future. We recognise that cyber security is a collective responsibility, and fosters collaboration among departments and employees to ensure a unified approach to cyber security.  

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming launch and don’t forget, to book yourselves a spot onto one of our platform demos to get a better look at in action.

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