Cybaverse Success Stories - Billy Baker

March 4, 2024
Cybaverse Success Stories - Billy Baker

Our next instalment of our Success Stories series focuses on SOC Team Analyst, Billy Baker. From starting his career in the IT sector, Billy shares his journey of switching to the cyber security sector and how he has developed his skills to enable himself to advance within both the team and his career as a whole.

Can you share a bit about your professional journey and experience leading up to joining Cybaverse? What attracted you to work here?

Before joining Cybaverse, I gained valuable experience working in various industries, primarily focusing on IT and end user support. Beginning as an apprentice, I gradually transitioned into a role where I provided support for a range of Microsoft products, honing essential skills that continue to benefit me in the role I have here today.

What really drew me to Cybaverse was the people.

From the moment I met the team during my interview, I sensed a positive culture of learning and collaboration. It was clear that Cybaverse could offer me an environment where I could continue to grow both personally and professionally, surrounded by a team of people that I was eager to be a part of.

How has your educational and professional background contributed to your success in your current role at Cybaverse?

My journey into the world of IT and security began during my school years, where I picked up a deep interest in cyber-related fields. Recognising that cyber security was a job I really wanted to pursue, I started on a path of education and skill development to gain some experience in the industry. After completing college courses in both IT and business, I gained a comprehensive understanding of business structures and the pivotal role that IT and security play within them.

To further my career aspirations, I embarked on an apprenticeship program, viewing it as an opportunity to immerse myself in the practical aspects of the field. Throughout this apprenticeship, I pursued diverse qualifications spanning from software development to networking, each contributing to my evolving skill set. Alongside technical expertise, I also gained effective communication skills, learning to engage with end users and customers in a professional and empathetic manner.

The range of experiences gathered during this journey has profoundly shaped my approach to my current role. With a proactive mindset and a genuine eagerness to assist others, I always ensure I work hard to leverage my skill set to make meaningful contributions within the workplace.

What distinct skills, experiences, or views do you bring to your position at Cybaverse?

Coming from an end user support background has enabled me to contribute a technical support perspective to the team, allowing me to consider the cyber security implications in relation to customer user experience.

Share a brief overview of the tasks you've handled at Cybaverse, including activities like client calls and participation in specific projects.

I have contributed to onboarding Sentinel clients and conducted weekly client calls, in addition to my daily monitoring tasks. Furthermore, I have aided in reviewing IT infrastructure and implementing necessary changes.

In your opinion, what sets Cybaverse apart as a workplace? How does the company foster a positive and inclusive culture?

Cybaverse offers a genuinely unique work environment where everyone is committed to supporting each other. There's an open dialogue surrounding business plans and ideas, ensuring that every voice is heard. During my time here, I've been given numerous opportunities to shape my career path. For example, if I wanted to transition from being a SOC analyst to pursuing a career in a new role in a different department at the company, I'm confident that I would receive full support in making that transition.

Have you undertaken or plan to undertake any training or development that will assist with your role at Cybaverse?

During my tenure of slightly over 9 months at Cybaverse, I've made significant strides in my professional development. I've achieved my SC-200 certification, aligning perfectly with the demands of my role. For the future, I've committed to working towards pursuing my BTL1 certification, a journey that has majorly helped my understanding and proficiency in monitoring techniques and the world of digital forensics and incident response (DFIR). This continuous learning journey has not only broadened my skill set but has also deepened my expertise, helping me to contribute more effectively to our team's objectives.

What are your hobbies or passions outside of work? What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy working on my car, bikes, and computer as hobbies. Recently, I worked with a friend on a complete bike rebuild project from start to finish. When I'm not doing any of these activities, I like to play PC games and spend time outdoors in the nature. In the future, I plan to embark on a van conversion project.

If you could give one piece of advice to new employees joining Cybaverse, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it may seem like there is a lot going on at times, but people will always put time aside to sit back and help you. Make sure if you have an idea, share it with others!

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