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Managed Compliance

Compliance management is the process of monitoring and reviewing systems, devices, and networks to ensure they meet regulatory, industry, and local cybersecurity standards.


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Managed Compliance

Compliance isn't always simple to maintain, especially in highly regulated businesses and areas. Regulations and standards, as well as threats and vulnerabilities, change often. Organisations must frequently respond swiftly in order to remain compliant. This can be challenging in organisations with vast, complicated infrastructures or teams dispersed across several platforms or geographical locations, but the stakes are high.

As part of our Managed Compliance offering we look to create a cyber security strategy for our clients and take them on a journey to meet industry standards, such as:

- Cyber Essentials

- Cyber Essentials Plus

- IAMSE Governance

- IASME Governance Audited

- ISO27001

Managed Compliance
EXPERT services

Here at Cybaverse, benchmarking your security controls against established standards is an effective way of ensuring you are following best practices for your organisation to meet the standards for data privacy and security that apply to your industry.

Our MSSP Compliance will assist and support you to achieve your requirements and ensure that you are fully protecting your company, consumers, stakeholders and partners from start to finish, one step at a time.

SOC Platforms

Providers we use

When selecting a SOC package for your business, several considerations should be made. Is it compatible with your existing IT infrastructure? Does the SOC platform align with your needs and safeguard your digital assets?

At Cybaverse, we offer packages with both Crowdstrike and Microsoft Sentinel meaning you're not limited to working with one provider that doesn't suit your businesses needs.

CrowdStrike integrates with various security tools, enabling seamless data sharing and correlation across your security infrastructure.
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Microsoft Sentinel seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products and services, such as Azure, Office 365, and M365 Defender.
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Benefits of this service


Benefits of Microsoft Sentinel


Benefits of Crowdstrike

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Business credibility 

Data security standards compliance helps companies in streamlining available information. A company that prioritises data security earns the trust of its customers and preserves its business reputation.

Increases Security Controls 

Increased security measures, such as a stronger structure, a simplified procedure, and less vulnerabilities, assist companies in reducing the likelihood of cyberattacks. Furthermore, having a standards results in improved cybersecurity as threat environments shift due to tighter security and well-trained workers.

Helps You Avoid Fines and Penalties

Legislation is now being implemented in several nations to safeguard and ensure the privacy of consumer data acquired by companies. Any infringement of these laws would result in severe penalties. Organizations can avoid fines and penalties by adhering to compliance policies.

Inspires customer confidence

Maintaining security compliance shows prospective partners in your sector that you have done your due diligence to secure the data you collect. This improves your reputation and image, allowing people to see you as a security industry leader and a reliable business partner.


How we work


Work with our clients and prospects to share knowledge and confirm cyber security direction and goals.


Build and implement the appropriate security protocols.


Enhance the service offering, looking to develop build on security processes each month.


Deliver training to staff to ensure a cyber security culture and enhance protection further.


Monitor and maintain standards ensuring that procedures are in place to review security protocols.


How we do it


SOC Services with Microsoft Sentinel


SOC Services with CrowdStrike


Cybaverse will engage with the client to determine their requirements and ensure that the engagement is correctly scoped to deliver on those requirements and make sure all of the correct legal requirements are satisfied.

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Our Happy Clients

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From a business perspective, Cybaverse provide an efficient, thorough, and cost-effective security service which has benefitted thinkmoney considerably over the course of the last year.

Glenn Sproule
CISO thinkmoney

In comparison to other penetration test offers that we had received we felt that Cybaverse’s was the most honest. A lot of other testers had originally said they would be able to test all our infrastructure in 3-4 days, which was later proven to be impossible.

Kiefer-Joe Copp
Technical Support Specialist, OnlineDIRECT

If you are looking for a company to really deliver on the service they are offering, I would look no further. Very quick and easy process. They completed the report within a tight timeframe and offered plenty of helpful advice!

Waseem Akram
Group IT Manager, Pickfords
Connected Tech Group

It’s really refreshing to work with experts who act as an extension of our team. Cybaverse don’t stop at identifying issues, they are happy to work with us to solve them too.

Andrew Cockayne
CEO, Connected Tech Group
SSE Utilities Solutions

Their knowledge in the subject matter was excellent and I found them easy to engage, personable and approachable.

Ian Cheshire
Enterprise IT Lead Solution Architect, SSE Utilities Solutions

From a business perspective, Cybaverse provide an efficient, thorough, and cost-effective security service which has benefitted thinkmoney considerably over the course of the last year.

Glenn Sproule
CISO, thinkmoney
YMCA George Williams College

If you are not just looking for a certificate and really want to understand and explore your issues, then choose Cybaverse.

Josef Fischer
Digital Products Lead, YMCA George Williams College

We have increased our internal security knowledge across the organisation and especially in IT and Engineering. This has allowed us to bring some services in-house and substitute those with more advanced external services.

David Halsey
CTO, Crowdcube

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