Cybaverse Success Stories - Alice Valverde

November 20, 2023
Cybaverse Success Stories - Alice Valverde

We believe that each staff member has a unique and inspiring story to tell – a journey filled with triumphs, challenges, and moments of growth. Continuing our series of Success Stories, our employee highlight this time is our Marketing Executive, Alice Valverde.

After joining the team in October 2022, Alice has quickly solidified herself as a significant asset to the entire Cybaverse team. From marketing to product management, she has made a lasting impact since joining.

Here is what Alice had to say when we asked her about her time at the company.

Can you give us an insight into your professional journey and experience that led up to joining Cybaverse? What was it that stood out to you about working here?

I have worked in a number of different industries with different technologies and environments. Having experienced a number of cyber breaches in previous work places, and seeing first hand the impact of such breaches, I was excited to learn more and help protect other businesses from such attacks.  

Cybaverse had a position in the marketing department and I was really excited to join a fast growing, talented team.  

I initially noticed that Cybaverse offered a range of services all under one roof, which I hadn’t previously come across. I found this exciting because as I had little to no knowledge of cyber security, I could work with the different expert teams to pick up the essentials quickly.  

How do you think your educational and professional background contributed to success in your current role at Cybaverse?

Having worked in marketing since 2011 in several organisations in mid to senior-level roles with different technical set ups and attitudes towards cyber security, I was able to understand some of the key aspects of decision making in our target market. After obtaining my Masters in Business with Marketing in 2021, it has allowed me to be able to align all my marketing knowledge to a new industry, with a fresh out-of-industry approach.

What unique skills, experiences, or perspectives do you bring to your role at Cybaverse?

With little technical knowledge, I find it enjoyable when learning processes and testing methods alongside some of our non-technical clients and contacts. I think that with my limited knowledge it encourages the company to ensure that the information we put out to the market is accessible to individuals with all levels of technical understanding.  

Having undertaken other projects in previous roles to solve business problems, I have been able to apply these skills and knowledge to the development of our new cyber security platform.  

Provide a brief summary of some of the work you've undertaken at Cybaverse, such as 'calls with clients, involvement in specific projects etc.

Since joining Cybaverse in October 2022, I have undertaken a number of different projects including the implementation of HubSpot, the hiring of the marketing team and more recently, the product management of our cyber security platform.

The development of the platform is something that I am extremely passionate about. After previously working within organisations that have struggled with their cyber security, being able to play a part in bringing an innovative and affordable solution to market gives me great satisfaction. Since shifting to product management, I have been able to hire additional team members, in UI and UX, which, alongside the sales and marketing teams, means we are able to bring a fantastic new product to market that is genuinely led by its users.

In your opinion, what sets Cybaverse apart as a workplace? How does the company foster a positive and inclusive culture?

Cybaverse has allowed me to share my opinions in a safe space, without fear of judgement. I truly feel that all voices are heard and that expertise and excellence is championed as much as grit and determination, all of which are key attributes to making Cybaverse what it is today.  

Have you undertaken or plan to undertake any training or development that will assist with your role at Cybaverse?

I'm currently looking to undertake the PRINCE 2 in project management to help provide some formal training to the project management side of my work.  

What are your hobbies or passions outside of work? What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy DIY projects and travelling with my husband. We enjoy skiing and socialising with friends.

And finally, if you could give one piece of advice to new employees joining Cybaverse, what would it be?  

If you want to be a part of something, are ready to roll with a high performing and fast moving team, want your voice and ideas heard, then you’ve finally found the company for you.  

Looking ahead, we can't wait to see what lies ahead in Alice's future at Cybaverse and will be keeping our eyes peeled for more updates on our previously mentioned cyber security platform.

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