Cybaverse Success Stories - Jacob Coles

December 12, 2023
Cybaverse Success Stories - Jacob Coles

The next instalment of our Cybaverse Success Stories is all about our Business Development Manager, Jacob Coles. Jacob has been a part of the team for over half a year now and his friendly persona and positive energy have been a great fit both inside and outside of the office.

Jacob spends a lot of his time working from our office in London, networking with potential clients and strengthening relationships with those that are already working with us.

When we asked Jacob about his time at Cybaverse, he had the below to share with us.

Could you provide insights into your professional journey and the experiences that led you to join Cybaverse? What drew you to pursue a role with us?

I started out as an IT engineer when I was 17 and fell in love with the fast paced environment and constant learning I was exposed to. I then moved up into a leadership role a year or so after this, supporting one of my previous employers’ largest contracts with a global entertainment company. After that, I had a bit of an adventure working with a small team. We were on a mission to shift and upgrade IT operations from our UK base to the brand-new office in Malaysia. It was a four-month operation, motivated by a global M&A.

Eventually I decided on moving into the cyber security industry in 2021, specifically focusing on pre-sales/business development, where prior to Cybaverse, my core role was centred around new logos & account management.

One of the many things that drove me towards Cybaverse was how transparent, welcoming and motivated the teams are. Being honest, initially I was completely torn between a challenger bank & Cybaverse, however Ollie shared his ideas on my progression, onboarding plan and future vision which straight away showed his belief in me.

In what ways has your educational and professional background played a part in your achievements in your current position at Cybaverse?

I wasn’t too keen on education in earlier years, I had a hard time staying focused. Now that I’ve worked in professional environments, I’d like to re-visit and enrol into a Masters Degree in Business a little later in my 20’s.

The level of exposure I’ve had in my career & life outside of work so far means I’m (fairly) fearless when it comes to the majority of engagements, regardless of business size/complexity, which has really helped being in a small business with big logos!

What distinct skills, experiences, or views do you bring to your position at Cybaverse?

Having previously worked as an IT engineer/IT team manager, and maintaining a continuous curiosity about the latest tech subjects, it allows me to (attempt to) put my technical hat on and ask the deeper questions as well as share my own perspectives and overall have a level of familiarity with clients.

Share a brief overview of the tasks you've handled at Cybaverse, including activities like client calls and participation in specific projects.

Since starting at Cybaverse, I have successfully established a key IT partnership with TIEVA. Alongside this achievement, I took the initiative to provide in-person training and supplemental materials to support ongoing education. Additionally, I've worked on expanding our existing accounts, uncovering new opportunities, with one noteworthy collaboration being a substantial MSSP client.

What, in your view, distinguishes Cybaverse as a workplace, and how does the organisation cultivate a culture that is positive and inclusive?

A large contributor is a vast variety in skillsets, history and experiences. I can see that because of this, it has created a culture of open table ideas & ‘getting stuck in’. Not once have I had a situation here where I was anxious to reach out to individuals or put my hand up in a situation that I didn’t really understand.

Overall, I think the positive culture is pushed by all employees here. A quote that really stood out to me in my induction period was ‘we’re all adults here, let’s get the job done & enjoy it’.

Have you pursued or do you intend to engage in any training or development activities that will enhance your performance in your role at Cybaverse?

Nothing has come up yet, but Cybaverse invite and push me to devote time to training very freely. I use this time to listen to podcasts, read & digest content. This can be anything from Sales side Brian Burns -> Ops side Jay Jay Davey / John Hammond.

Outside of work, what are your hobbies or passions, and how do you like to spend your free time?

Outside of the workplace, I am certainly not the most adventurous, but I do enjoy playing chess with friends, exploring new places (Malta is my current favourite!), and hitting the gym. Recently, I've discovered a passion for pushing my limits, and completing an Iron Man Challenge is something I wouldn't mind achieving.

Is there any advice that you would offer to new employees joining Cybaverse?

As generic as it sounds - be yourself and don’t shy away from asking for help, everyone here is beyond helpful & approachable.

PS. Don't suggest that the CEO has a low alcohol tolerance on your first company outing as that will backfire.

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